‘A brilliant advocate and tactician - very clever and hardworking'

Legal 500 2024

Robert Glancy KC

Year of Call: 1972 Silk: 1997

‘A brilliant advocate and tactician - very clever and hardworking'

Legal 500 2024

Robert Glancy KC

Year of Call: 1972 Silk: 1997

‘A brilliant advocate and tactician - very clever and hardworking'

Legal 500 2024

Robert Glancy KC

Year of Call: 1972 Silk: 1997

Robert Glancy

‘A brilliant advocate and tactician - very clever and hardworking'

Legal 500 2024

Robert Glancy KC

Year of Call: 1972 Silk: 1997

Robert Glancy KC focuses exclusively on Personal Injury; Clinical Negligence and Professional Negligence. He has been in practice for over 40 years, including over 20 years as a Silk. Throughout his career, Robert has gained extensive experience in acting mainly for claimants who have suffered catastrophic brain and spinal injury. He has particular expertise in acting for cerebral palsied children. Robert regularly successfully settles claims winning millions of pounds of compensation for injured people and their families.

Recognised in the legal directories for his formidable skills as an advocate, Robert is also a CEDR accredited mediator and has considerable experience of mediation and ADR in substantial personal injury cases. He is also an arbitrator for PIcARBS, the Personal Injury claims Arbitration Service.

  • Recommendations

    ‘Fantastic with clients, putting them at ease and as a result they trust him with their case. His drafting is excellent, with attention to detail second-to-none.’ - Clinical Negligence, Legal 500 2024

    ‘A brilliant advocate and tactician - very clever and hardworking' - Personal Injury, Legal 500 2024

    "He builds a very good rapport with clients." - Clinical Negligence, Chambers UK Bar 2023

    "Robert is a fantastic trial lawyer." - Clinical Negligence, Chambers UK Bar 2023

    "Robert is sensitive and considered with vulnerable clients." - Personal Injury, Chambers UK Bar 2023

    "He has highly technical and detailed knowledge of the area." - Personal Injury, Chambers UK Bar 2023

    "Robert brings an enormous breadth and depth of experience." - Personal Injury, Chambers UK Bar 2023

    "He is excellent in conference and in settlement meetings in getting to the root of the issue to drive the case forwards." - - Personal Injury, Chambers UK Bar 2023

    'Robert has excellent client care and advocacy skills. Clear and concise legal advice, whilst being highly empathetic and sensitive with client.' - Personal Injury, Legal 500 2023

    'A leader in the field of clinical negligence. He has a wealth of knowledge and is a fantastic negotiator.'Clinical Negligence, Legal 500 2023

    A masterful advocate and vastly experienced personal injury specialist. His caseload is full of claimant instructions for the most life-changing brain and spinal injury cases. He is also an arbitrator for the Personal Injury Claims Arbitration Service. Many of his cases relate to RTAs and workplace accidents. "A brilliant advocate and a go-to QC." "He is one of the heavyweights of the PI world and is incredibly experienced. He is a seasoned expert in catastrophic injury cases, is always thoroughly prepared and has a charming manner. He is a formidable advocate."Personal Injury, Chambers UK Bar 2022. 

    Amassed a wealth of knowledge over a lengthy career spanning more than 40 years. He generally acts for claimants in cases relating to catastrophic spinal and brain injury. He is praised for the portfolio of high-value wins he has attained for his clients. In addition to handling litigation he is experienced in ADR methods. "His fantastic advocacy and willingness to fight provide absolute security when he's on board." "He is very experienced and genuinely cares about the client." - Clinical Negligence, Chambers UK Bar 2022. 

    "Clearly an advocate of the highest order, and he is someone that has been involved in many of the important cases in this area." Personal Injury, Legal 500 2022.

    "He is an exceptional advocate and negotiator." - Clinical Negligence, Legal 500 2022. 

    "He is absolutely excellent: highly skilled, knowledgeable and very on top of advancements in brain injury. His written work is also exceptionally detailed." Personal Injury, Chambers UK Bar 2021. 

    "Excellent both on his feet and on paper." "He has superb analytical skills and is a tough negotiator. He also has great attention to detail and is very thorough." Clinical Negligence, Chambers UK Bar 2021.

    "Brilliant to have on board when the going gets tough." - Personal Injury, Legal 500 2021

    “A phenomenally bright trial advocate who is a pleasure to work with on all birth injury cases.” - Clinical Negligence, Legal 500 2021

    "An exceptional advocate who has a wealth of knowledge. He's also very strong in negotiations and has a very good way of dealing with clients and their complex needs and situations."  - Clinical Negligence, Chambers UK Bar 2020

     ‘He has great eye for detail and brilliant client care skills.’ - Clinical Negligence, Legal 500 2020

    "A very experienced leader who has seen and done it all in this area of law." "He's very analytical, good on complex quantum issues and very good with families. He is a real people person." - Personal Injury, Chambers UK Bar 2020

    ‘A silk that is head and shoulders above the rest in respect of technical legal issues.’ - Personal Injury, Legal 500 2020

    "A powerhouse of the claimant Bar. He's an empathetic and sympathetic barrister." "Nothing fazes him, and he's utterly brilliant at getting points across." - Personal Injury, Chambers UK Bar 2019

    "A very experienced silk who is always very well prepared." "Extremely knowledgeable, very attentive to detail and a pleasure to work with." Acted for the widow of a man who died aged 54 after his cancer went undiagnosed. - Clinical Negligence, Chambers UK Bar 2019

    ‘Quite simply one of the finest counsel in the field.’ - Clinical Negligence, Legal 500 2019

    ‘He is a phenomenal trial lawyer, both in terms of his high-skilled cross-examination and his relationship with judges.’ - Personal Injury, Industrial Disease and Insurance Fraud, Legal 500 2019

    "Hugely experienced and very clever." "His knowledge and experience in catastrophic cases is second to none." - Personal Injury, Chambers UK 2018

    "Tremendous trial advocate who is vastly experienced." "Enormously authoritative in conference and in court. Very easy to work with."  Obtained a multimillion-pound care and rehabilitation package for a boy who developed cerebral palsy due to the injury he sustained at birth.' - Clinical Negligence, Chambers UK 2018

    "He has huge experience in claims of the utmost severity." - Personal Injury, Legal 500 2017

    "A superb trial lawyer, who is unflappable in court" - Clinical Negligence, Legal 500 2017

    "He's awesome. As a court advocate he is phenomenal, a real tour de force." "He's brilliant with clients, they love him." He is one of the first arbitrators for the recently established Personal Injury claims Arbitration Service.  - Personal Injury, Chambers UK 2017

    "He's really brilliant and always wants to get the best for the client." Represented a claimant against Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust. The case concerned a barrister whose career was reduced by ten years following negligent medical treatment received when undergoing appendix surgery. - Clinical Negligence, Chambers UK 2017

    "He has an ability to explain complex medical and legal issues simply and concisely" Personal Injury, Legal 500 2016

    "He is a calm and fearless advocate, achieving impressive results for his clients." Clinical Negligence, Legal 500 2016

    Instructed by claimant solicitors with respect to clinical negligence claims of the utmost severity and value, including those concerning injuries to the brain and spine. “He is clever, knowledgeable and a great advocate. As a bonus he is also very user-friendly.” “His fantastic advocacy and willingness to fight provide absolute security when he’s on board." Brought a claim against Whittington Hospital NHS Trust, in connection with a child who developed cerebral palsy due to alleged negligence at birth. He obtained £7 million in damages. - Clinical Negligence, Chambers UK 2016

    Highly recommended as a specialist multi-track practitioner whose expertise is sought in cases of the highest value. He covers the full range of personal injury work, with commentators particularly highlighting his success on behalf of brain-damaged claimants. "He is really good with clients, he always establishes a rapport. He is just a really nice guy - as well as being exceptional at his job." "You know that when you're with him in a JSM, you couldn't get a better deal than the one you've achieved." Acted in West v MA Clay, where the claimant was involved in an RTA and suffered spinal and brain injuries. - Personal Injury, Chambers UK 2016

    "He demonstrates meticulous attention to detail, and his client care skills are second to none." - Clinical Negligence, Legal 500 2015

    "His understanding of highly complex and technical matters is second to none." - Personal Injury, Legal 500 2015

    A highly respected silk with a top-level clinical negligence practice developed over 40 years at the Bar. He is regularly instructed on cases of high complexity and value, and is best known for representing claimants who have suffered catastrophic brain and spinal injury. He also has significant experience of acting for children with cerebral palsy. Expertise: "Robert is a fund of knowledge and experience." "A first choice for the more difficult cases, he brings a wealth of experience and is prepared to fight." Recent work: Acted for a claimant who brought a case following complications during the birth of a premature twin. - Clinical Negligence, Chambers UK 2015

    Has formidable expertise and handles a range of accident claims relating to severe head, back and other near-fatal injuries. He also regularly acts on CICA claims and has been instrumental in the acquisition of damages for tunnel miners. "His knowledge of the law is superb and he is particularly good at advocacy in the Court of Appeal." "He is modest and very cool under pressure." Acted in a complex CICA claim that had arisen from a collision between a lorry and another vehicle that caused a fatality. - Personal Injury, Chambers UK 2015

    "Prepares cases really well so they stand the best possible chance of success" - Personal Injury, Legal 500 2014

    "A wealth of knowledge, which puts clients at ease and opponents at edge" - Clinical Negligence, Legal 500 2014

    An esteemed silk who acts primarily for claimants who have suffered from catastrophic brain and spinal injuries, particularly children with cerebral palsy. "He is a silk of the highest order. Whether it’s liability or quantum issues that he is dealing with, he is always on top of the case. His fantastic advocacy and willingness to fight provide absolute security when he is on board" Assisted a claimant with complicated assessment of damages for cerebral palsy claim where liability was never disputed. The settlement value as a lump sum equivalent was over £11 million. - Chambers UK 2014

    A seasoned expert in clinical and professional negligence claims, who handles a wide range of cases but is particularly strong on cerebral palsy claims. He recently obtained a multimillion-pound settlement for a claimant whose spinal cord was severed by a neurosurgeon. - Chambers UK 2013

    Robert Glancy QC's practice is concentrated on clinical negligence and personal injury cases. He typically, although not exclusively, represents claimants, and is highly regarded for his considerable expertise in catastrophic brain and spinal injury cases. Commentators note that "there is unlikely to be a more experienced personal injury counsel at the Bar - he has an enormous amount of courtroom experience and is not fazed by high-level settlements." - Chambers UK 2013

    Another impressive silk. Solicitors “reserve him for the biggest things” since “he can quickly master the most complex of briefs” and “manage clients in a sensitive manner”. He is also a first-class advocate and a “ruthless cross-examiner”. - Clinical Negligence, Chambers UK 2012

    Clients praise the knowledge, experience and long track record of eminent silk Robert Glancy QC. Catastrophic, workplace stress and sports injury cases lie at the heart of his strong personal injury and clinical negligence practice, and he recently concluded the severe brain injury case of Wood v Hatch. - Personal Injury, Chambers UK 2012

    Has ‘a fantastic mind’ and is commended for his ability in handling complex medical issues. - Clinical Negligence and Healthcare, Legal 500 2011

    Rated for his “outstanding advice”, and “formidable advocate.” - Personal Injury, Legal 500 2011

    A very experienced practitioner known best for his work in complex cerebral palsy cases. He approaches his cases in a “relaxed, understated manner eschewing flamboyance for sound analysis”. His “clear insight into what the court wants” allows him to get results on a regular basis. - Clinical Negligence, Chambers UK 2011

    “Fantastic on his feet”; “sharp as a tack” and a “real battler”. He has “tremendous client handling skills” and is “a joy to work with”. - Clinical Negligence and Healthcare, Legal 500 2010

    “One of the most experienced personal injury counsel at the Bar.” - Personal Injury, Legal 500 2010

    “He is very personable and a pleasure to work with” and “pays great attention to detail and fights hard on the client’s behalf”. - Clinical Negligence, Chambers UK 2009

    The “superb” Robert Glancy QC displays “impeccable attention to detail.” - Personal Injury, Chambers UK 2009

    “Unflappable and absolutely top drawer - the complete package.” - Clinical Negligence and Healthcare, Legal 500 2009

    “A superb advocate on the top of his game.” - Personal Injury, Legal 500 2009

  • Personal Injury

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    Robert specialises in all aspects of Personal Injury. He is involved in numerous personal injury cases for brain damaged and paralysed Claimants. These include a claim for a male tetraplegic in his 30s which settled for over £7m. At the time, this was the largest personal injury claim against the Government ever. He settled a claim for over £5m for an infant tetraplegic. Robert fought a long trial for a Claimant in a fatal accident matter involving safety on a motor racing circuit. He has been involved in a trial which established important principles for the assessment of damages in the case of Tunnel Miners. He acted for a 17 year old tetraplegic which settled for several £million.

    Recent settlements have included:

    • £4.6m lump sum for a brain damaged 24 year old (Road Traffic case – 2012)
    • £1.7m lump sum plus periodical payment of £108k per year about one-third of deductions for contributory negligence to a severely brain damaged 44 year old (Road Traffic case 2012)
    • £1m lump sum settlement for a 50 year old tunnel miner (2012)
    • £7m lump sum for a 25 year old who suffered severe brain damage (Road Traffic case 2012)
    • £11m lump sum for a severely brain damaged 23 year old (Road Traffic case 2011)

    Significant cases include:

    • Jones (by Caldwell) (Respondent) v First Tier Tribunal (Respondent) and Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (Appellant) [2013] UKSC 19  – Whether committing suicide is a crime of violence.
    • Love v Dewsbury - [2010] EWHC 3452 – Whether the assessment of multipliers should be postponed until after the Lord Chancellor’s review of the discount rate
    • Strydom v Vendside Ltd - [2009] EWHC 2130 – Action by miner against his union representatives for taking fees for representing him in a white finger claim when already paid by the Government
    • Smith v Finch - [2009] EWHC 53 – First case on the issue of whether it is negligent not to wear a cycle helmet
    • Sahakian v McDonnell - [2007] EWHC 3242 – RTA – Important case on causation in RTA and whether lower speed would cause less injury
    • Flora v Wakom (Heathrow) Ltd (formerly Abela Airline Catering Ltd) - [2006] EWCA Civ 1103 – First case on whether periodical payment orders can be indexed according to an index other than RPI
    • Nicolson v Willis - [2006] EWHC 2402 – Very severe brain damage case
    • Jukes v Etti - [2006] EWHC 2493 – Very severe brain damage case
    • Gillespie v McFadden McManus Construction Ltd - [2003] EWHC 2067 – Case establishing various principles in the assessment of damages for Tunnel Miners
    • Willemse v Hesp - [2003] EWCA Civ 994 – The judge had erred in calculating damages for future loss of earnings using a fixed multiplier and where the claimant had not been engaged in remunerative employment for four years prior to the road accident in which he sustained brain injury, and his future employment intentions were uncertain
    • Sparrow v Mark - [2002] EWHC 23 – RTA case on the causation of injuries
    • Assinder v Griffin - LTL 25/5/2001 – Claimant whose whiplash injury sustained in a road traffic accident left her in a permanent state of chronic pain was awarded damages totalling £708,243
    • O’Brien v Harris - (2001) Lloyd’s Rep Med 347 – Claimant who had suffered serious orthopaedic injuries and brain damage as a result of a road traffic accident was awarded a total of £1,267,542 including interest
    • Larby v Thurgood - [1993] I.C.R. 66 – Case on whether an employment consultant for the defendant should be entitled to interview the claimant
  • Employers’ Liability

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    Robert is well regarded for his work across a broad range of cases involving Employer Liability. This includes cases involving factories, schools, offices and tunnel miners.

    Significant cases include:

    Significant cases include:

    • Perzow v Bourne Leisure Ltd - [2005] EWHC 1801 – Accidents; Defective premises; Liabilities; Public safety.
    • Henry Webster (1) Joseph Webster (2) (through their mother and litigation friend, Elizabeth Webster) Elizabeth Webster (3) Roger Durnford (4) v The Ridgeway Foundation School
    • Wattleworth v Goodwood Road Racing Co Ltd - [2004] EWHC 140 – Negligence; Personal injury; Sport
    • Hanley v Stage & Catwalk Ltd (T/A Acorn Studios) & Others - [2001] EWCA Civ 1739
    • Chappell v Imperial Design Limited - (2001) Env LR 593; (2001) Env LR 33 – (Although there were always real difficulties facing a party seeking to overturn an apportionment of negligent liability, the factual findings reached showed that although the claimant appreciated a risk of fire, he did not appreciate that his actions were likely to cause an explosion. Accordingly, the apportionment made was inappropriate.)
    • Petrofina (UK) Ltd v Magnaload Ltd - [1984] Q.B. 127 – Insurance case
  • Clinical Negligence

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    Robert is a highly experienced Silk who specialises in all aspects of Clinical Negligence and Professional Negligence. Most of Robert’s cases have been for Claimants and they generally involve cerebral palsied children or catastrophic injuries.

    Recent settlements have included:

    • In excess of £10m care and rehabilitation package for a 5-year old boy who developed cerebal palsy due to injury he sustained at birth (2015);
    • £10m (circa) for failure to treat respiratory distress syndrome (2015);
    • Securing a seven-figure lifetime care and rehabilitation package for a six-year old boy left with severe cerebral palsy due to staff failing to treat a bacterial infection (Group B Streptococcus) at birth (2014);
    • £8.5m (circa) for failure to monitor the mother sufficiently during her labour or deliver by emergency caesarean resulting in catastrophic brain damage (2013);
    • £8m (circa) for failure to treat retinopathy (2011);
    • £7m (circa) for failure to treat an acute infection leading to cerebral abscesses (2011);
    • £800,000 (circa) for failure to diagnose malignant melanoma (2011);
    • £7m (circa) for failure to act on mother’s complaints that she had gone into labour (2011);
    • £5m (circa) for failure to check whether a teenager had a defective heart rhythm (2010).

    Significant cases include:

    • An NHS Trust v X - [2005] EWCA Civ 1145 – Medical treatment withdrawal
    • CC v Blackpool, Flyde and Wyre Hospitals NHS Trust Queen’s Bench Division - [2009] EWHC 1791–Clinical negligence; Birth defects; Ultrasound scans
    • Groom v Dr Selby - [2001] EWCA Civ 1522 – A claimant who gave birth to an “unwanted” disabled child as a result of her doctor’s failure to treat and advise her appropriately
  • Sports Law

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    In April 2020, Robert was appointed to the Disciplinary Panel of the inaugural Premier League Judicial Panel. The panel was created to allow for independent adjudication on disciplinary cases referred by the Premier League Board, and to resolve disputes between Clubs and Managers.

    Robert has dealt with a variety of further disputes in a football context and has been a party-appointed arbitrator under Rule K of the Rules of the Football Association.


2020 - Appointed to the Premier League Judicial Panel

2015 - Joined PIcARBS as arbitrator

2010 - A President, First Tier Tribunal Health and Safety Committee (Mental Health) for restricted cases

2008 - Appointed CEDR accredited mediator

1999 - Recorder

1999 - A President, Mental Health Review Tribunal

1997 - Appointed Silk

1993-1999 - Assistant Recorder

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St John’s College, Cambridge University (MA)

Manchester Grammar School