In the current business climate, where corporate governance and operational issues are under growing scrutiny, the internal investigation has become an increasingly popular means of dealing with a variety of allegations of malpractice, disciplinary or grievance issues.   Wrongful conduct in a corporate setting can have far-reaching and irreparable legal, commercial and reputational consequences for businesses and those individuals involved.

Under the right circumstances, conducting an effective internal investigation, protected by the legal professional privilege, can be extremely beneficial by being more cost-effective and providing a more impartial view. Impartiality can prove useful when dealing with wider reputation management, promoting a culture of transparency leading to the prevention of further violations and maintaining good employee relations.

Members of Devereux have considerable experience in handling all aspects of internal and/or regulatory investigations spanning a variety of business sectors and ranging from comparatively minor disciplinary and grievance issues, to specialist cross-border investigations involving international businesses.

Our members are highly regarded as independent counsel for internal investigations. We can provide individual counsel to lead or assist in investigations or a full team. Our clients are typically well-known banking and financial institutions, investment firms, global transport companies, FCA regulated businesses, leading tech firms, public sector bodies, charities and regulatory bodies.

Our retired judges have also been instructed to act as the judge in Appeals as part of investigation or grievance processes.

Devereux has a strong reputation as a leading set for employment law.  As such, our members offer significant practical expertise on the relevant legal landscape and the sensitivities that may be involved for all parties.  Our experts are also able to consider wider legal issues that may be relevant, such as data protection and legal privilege and can help clients to navigate the maze of regulation and potential liabilities across civil law.  As a collective they are recognised as being client friendly and unpretentious, whilst also delivering pragmatic solution to their clients’ legal problems.  Our breadth and depth in this area of law is a key asset and is recognised by the leading legal directories.

Members have been involved in internal grievance and investigation matters, with counsel acting as a Chair on hearings or conducting investigations on paper spanning the full spectrum of employment law, including:

  • Whistleblowing;
  • Discrimination;
  • Bullying, harassment and victimisation;
  • Sexual misconduct;
  • Gross misconduct;
  • Health & Safety;
  • Cybercrime and data protection;
  • Financial wrongdoing.


We are known for combining legal excellence with a modern and collaborative approach, dealing with complex legal issues whilst remaining approachable and offering clear and candid advice.